There are some photographic applications where film *IS* dead: the Real Estate and Used Cars for sale ads, Super Market Flyers ... *Major* "big news" periodicals - I've seen some truly *pitiful* work from low end digitals in the small-town papers... I just developed a roll of Tri X 35mm on an emergency basis for a small town paper (local lab closed over the weekend). Much of the "intermediate advertising" is still done on film ... the capital outlay to switch to digital is a terrible barrier.

The last time I visited my Hasselblad Fixer guy, he was **swamped** with work - heavily used 'blads with the typical note: "Please see if you can patch this worn out puppy together so that it will operate until the price of digital becomes reasonable."

From what *I* hear ... feel free to beat this to death, I have *no* way to "justify: this ... the "Film Camera" market is depressed - a bunch; photographers are "waiting for ..", and the Digital Market (low - to moderate) is *saturated*. No one is doing well at the moment.

I still say we have indications of what the future will be from what has - or has not - happened in the past: photography did not kill oil painting: Acrylics did not make oils obsolete - digital watches did not wipe those with analog dials out. ... I remember when Polaroids promised the end of traditional film ...

I wish there was some reliable source for measuring what was happening in real life - I've learned - a long time ago - not to rely on advertising copy as a source of factual truth - ANY advertising copy.