I would bet that in ten years you will not find a portrait studio using film. There are just too many benefits not to. The entire industry is gearing towards digital and everything from equipment, printing, retouching and seminars is falling in line.

I will also bet that you won't find a wedding photographer, photojournalist, fashion shooter or product shooter using it either.

Although Ed naturally will argue with me and find some guy he knows still doing it, the guy will be a very lonely low budget die hard.

The only people using traditional darkrooms and analog equipment will be "fine art" people. God bless them.

The problem is they will have far less product to choose from because the big companies will have dropped most of it by then.

You can probably still find people using typewriters but I bet not many. I wonder how much carbon paper they sell these days.

It's sad but money makes the world go round. Does this affect you, maybe maybe not.

but the times they are a changin'