Well, interesting.

I was talking recently with some pro photogs.

Film vs digi.

Wedding phototog: going back to film for some, if not all work, people prefer the look. When they saw samples they where drawn to the film examples. He said people say "they look better..."

packshot photog:digital, unless it has movement (he used lit candles as an example of things NOt to shot with digital backs)

both think digital is good, BUT it is limited, as film is, and they are hearing of more and more pros dusting of the 'blad and film backs and using the "analog capture device" that they can pick up at their local proshop.

The use of black and white is also, in their minds still better suited to film (highlights don't blockup.)

So, who knows, the demand for film may well increase again as pro's realise that they need a full arsenal of tools.