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In terms of the ascorbic acid/phenidone ratios, they're similar, but not identical (10:0.25 for PC-Glycol and 9:0.25 for PC-TEA). I've seen the formulas on some Web sites (such as this one) with slightly different numbers. Mine are from the original article (unless I erred in copying them, which is always possible). I believe Pat Gainer has done some tests on the optimum ratio of ascorbic acid to phenidone, but I don't recall the results.
The site you link to is mine. The formula for PC-Glycol that I posted there was given to me by Pat Gainer in an e-mail several years ago. I'm sure the one that got published in Photo Techniques was a refined version, but my PC-Glycol has been working fine. (My first batch lasted 2.5 years with no detectable loss in activity.)

I make PC-TEA "in situ" by mixing equal parts PC-Glycol stock and triethanolamine.