This will be my last contribution for awhile to this forum. I invite those who showed an interest in posting images in the original sticky thread to do so as well as anyone else wanting to discuss a favorite image. I will be busy with re-starting a second business that was on hold for the last year so my time to contact people will be limited.

Harry Callahan is probably my favorite photographer. After wanting to emulate Adams and Weston I discovered Callahan and learned that beautiful images don't have to all come from Yosemite or Point Lobos. He was a life long experimentor with the medium and produced great work in landscape, urban, portraiture, street, collage, color, and various in camera manipulations.
His life long series of nudes of his wife Eleanor are among the classic works of contemporary art.

I suppose everyone has a favorite photograph they would like to have hanging in their home. If I could buy one image from a well known photographer this would be the one, Trees, Lake Michigan, 1950
The computer does not begin to show the delicate tonality and feel that this print has.

Here is a couple links of Callahan's work. (The images at George Eastman house are no the best of reproductions)