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Although Ed naturally will argue with me and find some guy he knows still doing it, the guy will be a very lonely low budget die hard.
I won't argue that. It's true.

However - I will submit that there are a far greater number of "Low Budget Die Hards" out there - myself included - than the "Ad-Hype" types would like us to believe. In fact ... I don't know ANY photographers that wouldn't fit that mould - and I am certainly NOT excluding professionals. How about it gang, would you describe yourself like that?

The way I see it. the field of Professional photography will evolve (or devolve?) - or are we already there? - to the same general mix as restaurants - there will be the `Great Chains' - the McDonalds, the Dunkin Donuts, the Starbucks ... heavily financed, equipped with all of the latest snazzy gadgets, ... targeting the great unwashed masses, and stamping out "cookie cutter" food; and there will be the local "Specialty" shops - French, Italian, Seafood - offering unique meals - product with "individual involvement" - the touch of a human being -- with finesse, --and directed to the tastes of individuals.

In writing this --- I sense a number of parallels between cooking - should it really be "Chef-ting"? - and photography. The one-hour labs and the disposable cameras represent TV dinners - Edward Weston would be on the level of a "Black Hat" five-star Chef...