Firstly, which which photo is being discussed? During my working life I was no great shakes as an accountant. I do suffer from dilexia. Double vision is not an ailment is suspect myself to be suffering from.

I am going to guess that you are daring me to talk about the left most photo. This photo appears almost as if it is a picture of my good and most bosumed friend Norma Jean.

Now NJ..come on we are not talking about the state next to NY, was a rather pretty female. Some there were that thought she was somewhat 'sexy'. I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My own opinion was that given a chance NJ could have been a sucessful Hollywood actress..who knows?

The photo appears to be in focus and in color. In this rendition of NJ her hair seem somewhat lighter than I remeber it to be. Do you shall I put this?..the cuff matches the collar..if you get my drift? Well any photo worth introspection may raise a question and the foregoing is the question brought to my mind.

Have I made you day by accepting your thown down gauntlet?