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Certainly looks like an Edward Hopper-esque painting but too small to see clearly. May be an Edward Hopper inspired photo... Like I said, too small to see.

Whatever, I'd kill for that composition and lighting...

Cheers, Bob.
Well I'm glad to hear that others were reminded of Edward Hooper also. That was one of my first thoughts, though I doubt if the photographer was trying to imitate Hooper. Most of thier work was done in B&W and worked with-for Roy Stryker and the FSA. She/he had a long career as a photojournalist and was a long time free lancer for Standard Oil in the 40's and 50's as well as working for Life, Pepsi-Cola, UNICEF, Pan Am traveling around the world making photo-stories.

The photograph was made with a camera and film - no Photoshop.