Photos like this one by Callahan (taken 1950) always depress me. They make me feel as if all of the "good shots" have already been taken so - why bother? I was born in 1951. Jeez, before I was born one of the best wintertime shots had already been taken!

With a house in Copake, New York where the winter is five months long - I've come to "appreciate" winter scenes. This guy sets a very high bar to hurdle!

BTW: I particularly like the symettry of this shot - it both follows the "rule of thirds" while being centered! And the "crowns" of the trees are "lace-like" (but "negatives" - i.e. black) and wonderfully stand out against the wintertime white/grey sky. This is a "classic" monochrome shot.

I have to think that Callahan looked long and hard to find the particular "arrangement" of the trees. And I also think he had to have had extreme patience and presence of mind NOT to go stamping about "examining" them - and thus leaving footprints in the snow!

Then again, maybe he had an early version of PS and "cloned out" the footprints? After all the original Univac computer was "invented" around 1948 or so!