Chazz, How much you lookin' to spend on this? I don't know much about the Leonardo, but if its like a Santa Barbara Lensless Cameras, it allows for a tripod and film holders---great features! Of course, you'll need a tripod that'll handle an 8x10 and film holders(used about $50 for two). Thats a considerable investment on top of your pinhole. FWIW, might as well get a beater 8x10(say, a B&J) for $300-350 and put a pinhole in place of the lensboard, and your in the 8x10 business! You can add a lens later if you want. Either that, or just make your own out of a cardboard box(or build your own out of wood) forget about a tripod and film holders so for the price a a pinhole, blackboard paint and some gaffers tape you're in the 8x10 business for even less! Just a thought! Good luck!