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A bit of context for it - (that word's getting difficult to use) - it was taken on Primrose Hill (Regent's Park), very cool and up and coming in the sixties (and arty). Brandt made Bacon walk down the hill several times until he managed to get *the* shot.

I love the composition - the hill/trees in the background, the line of the path, the way he's disobeying the standard by having the gaslight askew, the subject walking out of the picture. Bacon was (the story goes) getting fed up by this time, but he looks absorbed, not conscious of the photographer at all. I love the way it's printed, very moody.
The askew gaslight for me makes the picture. Everything in this picture seems sort of askew. The size of the subjects head, the printing, the cropping, the mood all seems sort of Hitchcockian, slightly creepy and ......askew.