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Despite Tim's attempts to throw us off with the erroneous date - it is clear that this is a picture of a couple of his fellow al-Quedda operatives who are attempting to "blend in" to the local popluace by wearing current fashions.

As anyone in NYC who rides the subways will tell you - the first thing we need to do is check their "backpacks" for explosives.

"Tell a police officer, tell an MTA employee [if you can find one], but don't keep it to yourself." Even if it is Santa bringing you Aunt Selma's fruitcake!
So wrong! It's Doyle and Russo. You must remember the early scenes in the original French Connection. By the way Hackman's drunken scene in the cell in French Connection II as he is drinking brandy to help his cold turkeying from Heroin is one of the best drunks I have ever seen.