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I am curious. You called this an experiment. What was your point?
To see what would happen and what comments might come up -- same as ALL posts in this area!. In this specific case, what comments might be when a photo that's highly-context-dependant was posted without the context -- a context that transforms it from a generic cute kid pic to a complex adult one by positing it within something broader (Greenfield has been careful always not to directly preach as to the good or evil of Girl Culture, but instead to use photography to explore it -- this lack of judgementalism and an ability to see directly is a huge part, I'm sure, of her ability to gain intimate access (and probably a reason why she was selected post-GC as a member of VII). Whether you agree with the importance of her theme or find it superficial, it's clear (to me) that the context is a big element.

Maybe I should have picked a more obscure photo (not Greenfield) that is meant to be sold as a single pic though part of a broad body of work, like: