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I can't help adding that when you see his prints 'inept' is definitely not a word that springs to mind. Also I think his way of working was pretty unique, you can't really describe his style as like it was 'back then', or anywhere.
Yes, well - hopefully you weren't thinking I was suggesting that. I was thinking of this as more a reflection on our current culture. I think of Brandt as generally being BRILLIANT - however - if you dig deep through these very pages - you'll notice an absolute fear of making such a bold image (tonally speaking). I think there is a lot of insecurity and fear, forcing people to conform to a nearly singular ideal. This is AAs legacy perhaps. I think that imagemaking is a very scary proposition generally - it's like falling into the void of your own pschology. And it's only in contrast to this fog of conformity that the daredevils like Brandt that really stand out.