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Sandy, thanks. This sounds like a great unit. Since I have experimented with palladium/platinum, using the sun....this unit may work great for my azo and palladium printing 'needs' with my analog 8 x 10 and 7 x 17 negs. Plus the vacuum would be a nice addition, although my contact printing frame seems to work well now.

BTW, I finished my review of the ULF-28 and the article will be up on Ed Buffaloe's unblinkingeye.com site soon, maybe tomorrow.

I highly recommend this unit. Prints with alternative processes faster by far than anything else I have used, and with options one can use it for alternative processes, contact speed silver processes like AZO, and with projection speed silver papers. And you can make prints up to 20X24" (maximum paper size is 24X28".