Scandalous~! Bjorke - you're so BAD. I like it. Though I'd say on the whole - that's a pretty accurate assessment, for me at least. It's as though the work was made from a fairly subtle and well-thought out list of specifications.

Where's the beef?

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I'm sure he has a nice car and a fabulous house. His work is so very much its own brand, it's certainly not something one could hire him to do or find a lot of commercial application for. Instead it seems designed to be sold in galleries -- not the sort that would sell Penn or Gursky, but the sorts one finds at malls or along tourist strips like Kalakaua Blvd. I don't find that his work is so much rife with symbolism as that it's rife with faux symbolism, that his imagery looks like it should mean something but in fact it doesn't. But it sells for $2300 a pop and makes for, you know, a nice conversation piece and fills more space than a similarly-priced Lladro figurine.

Plus, little green footballs likes him, and you know how they are about manipulated photos and all.