God - I've been through so many different experiences and changes since I started out! I hit the ground running REALLY hard when I was 17 or so. In my own introspection - I think, I became far more self-conscious and concerned with fashionable 'formatting' and subject matter while in art school. Then I studied architecture for a bunch of years - and I think that gave me a kind of insane discipline - and took away the fear of really examining things - to not be afraid of reworking a subject and keeping it true to it's intent. I think, only now, am I at a point that I can return to the simplicity and na´vete of the time when I was just starting out. But maybe in an informed, PERHAPS more sophisticated way (then again - maybe it's just an illusion/fantasy). I think I'm the better off for it. But time will tell.

I don't see how you can be human and not ask yourself questions like those.