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In what ways do you feel you are a better (or different) photographer than you were one year ago (or ten)? Is it deliberate, conscious, or just what happens subconsciously? How do you feel about the change, if any?
Let me think ... in no more than three words?

It will take a few more.

"Better"... I have *no* idea. I have been struggling with the concepts of rank - "Poor, so-so, good, better, best, outstanding ... whoo-hoo!!" for years. I still have *no* clue. I'm no closer to resolving that than when I first started.

"Different"... Yes, ... and No. I hear that all the cells that make up our bodies "wear out" and are eventually replaced. Physically, that would leave us all with "different" bodies. Aesthetically ... somewhere between "yes" and "no". I think we are all products of our experiences - some having more effect on us than others. In some ways/ degrees I have changed - in other ways, I have not.
A separate question, really ... my WORK has changed - definitely.

"Deliberate"... In some areas, yes. I've certainly deliberately tried "different" things. Aesthetically... no. I think that by FAR, the changes have been subconscious.

Now - where was I? Oh, yeah ... "How do I feel about the change?"
OK, I guess. Certainly better than if there was no change at all.
Am I satisfied with my progress? Not really.
Do I wish I had done more? Yes, definitely.

I still love doing photography/ art. Feels a LOT better than NOT doing.

Over the years, I thnk I have learned one major lesson - NOT to "brood" about things I cannot control.