I'd agree... it depends.

Dedicated negative scanners are better than flatbeds with adaptors. These are reasonably priced for 35mm, expensive for 120 and I don't like to guess for larger formats. For practical reasons I scan 35mm negs, and scan prints of everything larger - its easiest, and I consider the scans as onlyl rough copies.

The more interesting issue I think is "what do you think that scanned version is?

Is the image a digital negative, which you're going to process in some way to produce the image, or is the file a copy of a print? (this is something I don't think the digital world has got to grips with - and I spend a lot of time doing digital imaging)..

As this is APUG I'd assume that you want to post a copy of an image that you're happy with, in which case you'll want to put it through real darkroom manipulations, and apply the minimum digital post processing, so that it reflects the real print as much as possible. (on the other hand computer monitors are so variable, and low quality that its probably not worrying too much).

On the other hand if you want to go the photoshop/inkjet route (mmm...) then scan the neg to capture as much information from it as you can - the printing stage can only remove detail which might have been captured in the original neg.