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In the context of my having returned to "serious" photography about 12 years ago after 20 years of "retirement" doing essentially just snapshots, what has happened to me in the past year is that I came to the end of a period of using 4x5" for everything and realized that my 35mm work had more spontaneity and energy, which is really my priority right now rather than the ultimate in technical perfection.

My experience has been somewhat similar. I returned to photography about two years ago after almost 20 years of snapshot only type shooting. Prior to that I had been involved at a professional level primarily in commercial (product) and portrait work. In the first six months after my return I amassed quite a selection of cameras in the three formats that most interested me (4x5",120 and 35mm). I was under the impression that I could just take up where I had left off. Perhaps this would be true for someone else but in my case I found that photography is NOT like riding a bicycle. The results were humbling. After two or three disappointing experiences I realized that I would be better served assuming that I knew very little of value and proceed from that point. This attitude has produced (in my opinion) much better results. I think my projects through more completely and try to assume nothing.

I know what I want. Now I am rediscovering the means to produce that which I desire. Of late I have been working primarily in the 6x4.5 format with occasional use of my 35mm cameras as well. The 4x5" has not seen much use of late. It is probably my favorite format but I feel I must do quite a bit more "grunt" work before I am ready to use the format to its full potential.