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Misha is a great friend and has an incredible mind. Although he moved from Detroit several years ago, it is wonderful when he comes "home" to visit. He came late to the digital side and although digi would be an obvious choice for making his images easier, he rejects Photoshop as a means to create his work. All is still done via enlargements, cutting, pasting and reconstruction. The man in no way considers himself a photographer and is somewhat insulted when considered one.

Small world, Bill. Misha is a friend of mine, too, now living about an hour north of me.

I would agree wholeheardedly with the assessment of his dislike for discussion of camera technique. He is concerned only with representing his heart in a finished work, all else can go to heck.

My understanding is that he does a run of ten images in the darkroom and the process can sometimes take up to a week to complete these ten images.