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No Donald - sorry for the confusion...! I thought (!) it would be an obvious response to mr. ham's comment - which, to me, seemed as though he took the photographs to be aimed at the shock/schlock market as he was comparing them to bodyworlds... and suggesting he'd seen more shocking stuff... which would (again, to me only perhaps) seem to be REALLY missing the point of Sommer's work.
Actually, Sparky, it was you who quoted the term "F---ing sick" as a comment made by a contemporary of yours in the 1980's.

I simply stated that given The Bodies exhibitions - one would hardly characterize these photos (yes, espescially the dead coyotes) as "sick" nowadays.

What's really odd is how you construe a complementary comment - building on your own point - as an attack and then need to "go for the jugular".

How about this - you don't comment on anything I say here and I will do the same with regard to you. Deal?