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Actually, Sparky, it was you who quoted the term "F---ing sick" as a comment made by a contemporary of yours in the 1980's.

I simply stated that given The Bodies exhibitions - one would hardly characterize these photos (yes, espescially the dead coyotes) as "sick" nowadays.

What's really odd is how you construe a complementary comment - building on your own point - as an attack and then need to "go for the jugular".

How about this - you don't comment on anything I say here and I will do the same with regard to you. Deal?
I deeply apologize if you had the impression I was "going for the jugular" - I just thought that maybe you perceived Sommer as something of a "shock artist" since you compared him to the exhibit in question - esp. in light of the witkin thread. I think that's sort of a problem with these forums and indeed the whole - text only format - it's sort of difficult to know where people are coming from and all subtlety is lost. At any rate - I just want you to know that I hadn't perceived it as an attack at ALL. Honestly. And the last thing I want to do is offend or alienate (though I suppose it wouldn't be the first time to transgress my own 'rule' - sometimes it can't be helped). Forgive me? It wasn't my intention.