As most of us mess about with different devs, films, papers and paper devs, we usually find what we like, but cannot always explain why. I have often been perplexed as to why I like the look of certain types of grain more or less than others...and it just does not appear to be size related

I have been experimenting primarily with TMax100 quickloads lately as I am happy with FP4 plus or Efke PL100 for the closer to home adventures, developed in Exactol Lux (Finer grained version of Dixactol). I cannot explain what it is, but I find that TMAX100 seriously lacks acutance (as you'd expect from such a smoothie), but when developed in Exactol Lux for good acutance, what minimal grain does become visible just does not look nice. In stark contrast, grain from APX100 looks fine to me, even though at the same print size, it is more apparrent. I have a 19x12 inch print off a 6x9 APX100 that has visible inoffensive grain, yet a 14x9 off 5x4 TMAX that has tiny UGLY grain. Can anyone explain this pretty vs ugly grain thing?

Comments on TMAX100 developer choice would be handy too as I am yet to get it to look right for my eyes anyway.

PS Acros in Exactol lux has finer grain still than TMAX100, yet it is prettier - both being modern tech films.

Anyone know why this is?