tom.. i dont like the tmax as well (neither on 35 nor on 69), it just lucks character to my taste. i dont have problem to look when some one else works on it, but not me.
the issue of grain is a very complecated thing. there are so many aspects to exemine in this respects.
i would devide it in two: the visual, and the technical - while the tech leads to the vissual of course, but the exemination of the vissual aspect itself is far beyound the grain itself, and mainly should deal integrally with what u see on the print - style, theme, tonality etc etc.
the tech aspects are -
-negative itself (fp/apx/tmax/delta etc fast film slow film etc)
-the exposure (mainly in the given situation). here i would also put the aspect of lenses or optics, since it has vissible effect as well.
-the developer (rodi, id, pyro etc tc)
-time of developing - where u push the negative, to high contrast, to low, to some kind of balance, to some kind of curve. the time here is important not only in terms of creating some amount of grainess but also leads us to some kind of filtration or use of grade in printing.
-the paper in use - different papers react in different ways to grain vissually. on some papers u can print such way that the very grainy neg looks fantastic, while fine grain looks not good ands vi -vers..
-gradiation - filtration or choice of grade, again - very important.
-scaling - or other words - the size proportions of - neg/enlargement, print size / viewing distance.
add to it another aspect - the theme.
all this - is a kind of analytic overview of the precess from a "grainess creating".

about the clumy etc - my suggestion with the tmax is to develop it in rodinal (25) in such way that u will be able to print it on diffused head with split while the yellow will be more than 50% of density builder and the magenta less than 50%, or on the condensor, such that u would print it on hard grade 4-5. those will be different prints of course - but i think at this point, with those two different kind of developments etc u will have prints that will not be anemic like the tmax can
i would also say that the combo of diffused/split can work well for glossy papers with lots of dmax and the combo of condensor can be great on matt papers.