my suggestion is always to exemine things. yes - it is a bit time demending to take this tests etc, but it worth it - belive me. generally i can say that printing on condensor or diffusion is about the same differance on all developers etc - it is the nature of the light sourse.
but from this point - u have to see what u like vissually, only after that u will have the prevelage to make some generalization based on your own taste and preferance.
personally i - for exemple - dont like (in general) to work with fp4/pyropmk/condenser combination. i rather prefere this neg (fp/pyro) on diffused light cause it looks more pleasing to my eyes (the prints on diffused are contrasty and everything - in terms of overall contrast local cont and micro cont, but the condensor adds to it too much in my taste. of course the way u expose the way u develop and the optics u use plays a role. my lenses doesnt need extra post tritment to difine more clearly the micro contrast, and may be this is one of the reasons why the condensor in this combination of fp/pyro is too much). hp5/pmkpyro for example i do love sometimes on condensor (not like hp/rodinal - which is one of my fave combos, but pyro gives different look).
so exemine those things and sense them vissually, then u will be able to adjust your knowledge and experimantations to the theme u work on, to the vissual sense u want to radiate on the print.
as a starting point - the condenser remains to be condenser (and thanks mother nature for that the diffused is diffused. exemine - go into one direction , try other direction, compare, tune yourself, try to understand the principles that makes the differance . and remember that any judgement should be based at the botton line on your vissual senseation.