I, also, missed this the first time around so this will be redundant if you have already found what you need,.

I use the DaYi 6x17 back on a Crown Graphic with a 90mm f8 SA, a 135mm f4.7 Xenar or an 8 1/4 inch Artar.

This 90mm is pretty much used up with this format and there is not any margin for shifts or swings with it. I havenít tried tilts and, physically, using this camera, there is not room for much, if any, rise.

You might be able to reverse the front standard to get some forward tilt, but I think it would be more trouble than it would be worth. With the 90mm, the standard is so far back in the case that movement is almost completely restricted and you will not be able to drop the bed with the front standard on it.

The 135mm works well, but is still at the outer edge of the case and straddling the bed hinge point. With the 135mm, you will not quite get a full 6x17 frame width. I like the 135mm the best in this format and if I find a better one, I intend to change to it. The Xenar is pretty soft on the outer edges. With the Artar, you can get all the movements available and it is tack sharp, but you will only get a 6x15 frame width using this back.