any idea where this camera might be ????



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BobF has replied that he's still in which is great. The camera will ship on Monday to him. Eveyone else in the list below will recieve a PM from me asking if you still wish to participate.

The return trip list at the moment comprises:

1 gbroadbridge ----- Sydney, Australia
2 Bob F. ----------- West London, UK
3 mikeg ------------ Shropshire, UK
4 janvanhove ------- Brussels, Belgium
5 Ole -------------- Norway
6 rst -------------- Germany
7 sensanjay -------- New Jersey
8 bobfowler -------- New Jersey
9 gr82bart --------- New Haven, Connecticut
10 jnanian ---------- Rhode Island
11 Suzanne Revy ----- Massachusetts
12 ggriffi ---------- Indiana
13 MattCarey -------- San Jose, California
14 MenacingTourist - Utah
15 Rich Long -------- Colorado Springs, Colorado
16 david b ---------- New Mexico
17 nsmith01tx ------- Austin, Texas

We have requests from additional APUG folks to join in

Stephanie Brim

Each of these folks will also receive a PM from me over the next week or so.
Their inclusion may alter the above plan so please keep watching this forum for changes until it all stabilises.

At the moment I plan to set loose a 24 shot roll of HP5 on Monday