Well it just happened to me.

I was in Santa Fe when I get this call on my cellphone: "I saw your ad and are you still looking for models?" I respond: "I haven't placed any ad" and we chatted for a few moments and I thought that was that.

A few days later I get an email inquiring about my ad. Once again I mention to the model that while, yes I am a professional photographer and that yes I have hired models in the past, I definitely had not placed any ad recently anywhere. She mentions she saw it on Craig's List.

Well I search Craig's List but I don't see anything. So I think it is a fluke.

Get another email mentioning Craig's list. So I send a complaint email to Craig's List mentioning that someone is impersonating me, but I never hear back from them.

A few days later I get yet another email from another (rather cute) model. Same thing. However this one had the ad number. So I email Craig's List to complain once again, this time mentioning the ad number and this time they show me the ad.

Here's what the ad said:
<link to the poster of the ad>
Females models needed ages 18-40. $150 - $500 a shoot

Experience Professional Photographer looking to establish himself in a new genre seeks female models of all types. Candidates will be asked to wear various outfits/costumes throughout the shoot. Extra compensation will be made for models who bring their own ideas, costumes and energy to the shoot.

Interested candidates shoot reply by email with self description and photograph, if desired.

Possible film work to follow.

<link to my flickr stream>[/COLOR]
So I respond to Craig's list that yes, this person was impersonating me and would they investigate and remove the ad. Well they removed the ad (I seriously doubt they did much in the way of "investigating") but it occurs to me that anyone on this or any other list could just as easily be scammed.

So I would suggest that you regularly google the links to your own online galleries and see if any of the results returned by google look suspicious. I only wonder how many models emailed this creep directly before being shut down...