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My thoughts were somewhere along the lines of:

Shop Name
State (if applicable)
Web Address

[x] 35mm Film (Color B&W)
[x] 120mm Film (Color B&W)
[x] LF (4x5) Film (Color B&W)
[x] ULF Film
[x] E-6 Processing
[x] C-41 Processing
[x] B&W Processing

Notes (directions, etc)

Any additional thoughts welcome,
Robert- I found two resources in Buenos Aires, Argentina....

One is a camera shop, the other a photographer with a rental studio and darkroom.

The store is : http://www.centromayoristafoto.com.ar/

They have film from 35mm to 4x5, and they carry a range of cameras, darkroom equipment, and lighting.

The photographer is Diego Lapiz, who rents out his studio and has a rental darkroom available - http://diegolapiz.com.ar/fotografia.htm