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If I were you - I would have responded to the ad and included pictures of a fetching model - and made an attempt to meet up with the creep, perhaps with a law enforcement officer in tow, and give them a piece of your mind.
I like that idea. The sad part is that the scam executed by the "creep" has further eroded the trust in legitimate photographers. Last year I was updating my portfolio for my wedding photography business. I was looking to create well executed images of models that reflected my particular style of shooting. I purchased all the props for the pictures including several wedding dresses in different styles. I have plenty of client photos that I use as samples, but I wanted to create my own images in my own style. Not only did I need an updated wedding album sample, but I needed images for my brochures and an upcoming magazine ad.

I attempted to locate models (paid and TFP) through several online model search sites like OMP (hoping to get natural looking models, not the overmade clones of a local modeling agency). What a dissapointing disaster! I had many responses and ALL of them resulted in no shows. Several even had planned shoots with me for several weeks prior to the shoot. I was not able to find a single model to pose in a wedding dress no matter what or how much I offered. Yet, I saw many other photographers who were seeking models for nude, erotic, or sleazy shots and appeared to be very successfull at getting models.

My guess is that the so called models were either strippers looking for a second gig, or they were probably law enforcement officers posing to be models and when they found out that I was not a pornographer, they lost interest and did not show up.

My other guess is that maybe the models thought I was some creep (even though I was very specific about non nude shots and highly recommended shaperones on shoots). After all, there were many creeps posing as photographers. Unfortunately I was unable to create that portfolio I had in mind and have had to rely on purchasing stock photos for my advertisements. This is the price many of us legitamite photographers have had to pay thanks to a few ruthless perverts out there.