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I'm not sure I get it; did the ad have your email in it, or the scammer's? If yours, then how is the scammer getting in contact with the models? If the scammer's email is in the ad, then how did the models get in touch with you?
My wife's organization is a not-for-profit organization that assists youths and immigrants who wish to improve their training and employability. They got scammed like this by a for profit agency that posted an ad, saying that they were assisting my wife's organization in filling a job vacancy. The ad referred prospective applicant's to the website offered by my wife's organization for information, but told them to contact the agency to apply for the job. The ad expressly said not to contact my wife's organization.

Then everybody who sent in a resume got advised that they were not a successful applicant but if they wished to join one of the agency's programs (for a hefty fee) they would soon learn how to find the job of their dreams.

In this case, the connection to the real photographer's website implies legitimacy, but I would bet thousands that the Craigslist ad gives different contact information.