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In your comparison of the Kodak 400UC to Fuji 160NPC, how is it that 400 speed film has similiar if not superior grain to the 100?

I am looking for the finest of grain negative film (how I miss Ektar) (this is probably the highest factor for me b/c I plan on enlarging these negatives to mural size photos). My other factors are warmth of color and contrast, as I will be shooting mostly landscapes and architecture (old world Italy). Finally, can someone direct me to an online vendor who sells Reala in 120 rolls? calumetphoto.com does not sell Reala. Thanks
The apparent grain size of 400UC,as seen through a grain focus and upon enlargement, is similar to NPC or any of the pro 160 films by Fuji or Kodak. Neither NPC or UC is the finest grain film. Reala and Konica's Impressa (my spelling) are finer. I haven't shot a lot of the konica film, but it didn't seem very contrasty. Reala is not very contrasty either until you start to 'over' expose it. Warmth can be achieved at the enlarger (set your filter pack on the warm side) or with a warming filter when shooting. I don't know of a neg film that is inherently warm.

http://www.bhphoto.com sells Reala in 120.