I love putting together portfolios. Professionally, I need a good portfolio in order to get decent work. On a personal level, though, I sometimes like to take bodies of work, print them, and put them together in some sort of portfolio or book for my own personal use. Something fun and easy to refer to when I need to.

I've taken a number of different approaches to this. Sometimes silver prints, sometimes digital (gasp!), and they're put together in all different sorts of ways. Sometimes in a vaguely scrapbook-ish form, other times I'll take 'em to Kinkos to have them bound in one of a few different ways. One of my recent favorites for binding includes nothing but a stack of 11x17 Epson prints, a 3-hole-punch, and a roll of gaff tape. I'm currently playing around with stab binding in preparation of my next personal book.

What formats/methods have you used for putting together personal bodies of work? I'm mainly thinking of putting things in book form, but if you have a unique twist on a traditional print portfolio I'd be glad to hear about that too. I'm really just looking for any fresh ideas people here might have to offer.

Thanks in advance.