I don't really see the point of the manual version as it doesn't gain much over your previous stopclock/zonemaster. The process of using either one is very similar. You meter the projected image and look at the reading to determine what the correct exposure will be. Both offer a gray scale bar to adjust everything to your personal interpretation. Once you've decided on the correct time and grade you place the proper filter in the enlarger and step on the foot switch. With the dedicated versions of the splitgrade the controller also sets the correct filter automatically. Furthermore, the dedicated version have a sensor in the head. Thus you get a closed loop sysyem that monitors for fluctuating light levels. Heiland does sell a version that controls a zone vi vc head. This is probably the best I can think of for a beseler enlarger. It is the only setup I know of that is both an analyzer and compensates for fluctuations in the light source.