I like Kodachrome both for archival reasons and I like the naturally warm and relatively neutral look. K-25 for a long time was the only color film I really liked, but then I realized that Astia in large format was also appealing. For bird photography my usual range for a while has been K-64 in good light, Provia 100F pushed one stop sometimes with a warming filter in overcast or shade, and Provia 400F for flight shots.

Kodak Fairlawn doesn't push Kodachrome anymore last I heard, but apparantly Dwayne's does. They also do Kodachrome movie film, which I think Kodak Fairlawn dropped and either ships to Dwayne's or maybe to Switzerland(!). I don't actually push it that often, but it was a nice option and was a sign that they were a serious lab. K-14 push is done by temperature rather than by time, so it was the kind of thing that they ran once a week.