Hi All,

The Rangerfinder Forum on APUG is one of the first of our forums to undergo some new expansion into subforums. I believe the size of the community is now large enough to begin fragmenting several of the main forums into more detailed subforums. This will add a new level of managing the content so that members are not overwhelmed by post volumes. For example the new software we are upgrading to soon allows great control over which forums you want to view. If you are only interested in Leica M rangefinders you may want to put on a block to the other rangefinder categories. The end result is when you check posts in the morning you don't weed through 30 rangefinder posts, you just see the 5 or so leica posts. If you adjust several other forums like this you can begin to tailor the info you get rather than coming back from a weekend holiday to 2,000 new posts.

I decided to start with the rangefinder forum after reading Stephanie Brim's posting from the other day. She has worked with me to expand the categories and will be moderating that forum and subforums with the current team. So thanks Stephanie

Now would probably be a good time for suggestions on expanding some of the other forums. We don't want to get too fragmented (for example having 100 subforums under 35mm forum). Thanks for any feedback.