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OK how about a closed system where the liquid is injected, keping the temps constant? You could have a series of inlets from various containers to the main mixing chamber that is rotated to mix it all?
That is pretty close to the key patent by Wey and Whiteley.

It can work, but requires an exit port big enough to handle the outflow. In addition, it will only work for the first step. The hardware has to be entirely different for the rest of the steps.

Basically, it is easier and less expensive to redesign the emulsion in many cases. But again, back to W&W, there are key emulsions that cannot be made any other way.

Therefore, equipment can be huge and complex.

BTW, temps cannot be 'constant'. Each ingredient must have a given temp or a ramped temp due to enthalpy. Otherwise the pot boileth over! And boiled gelatin sure does make a mess.