i have been making my own photo books since the early 1980s
i at first worked with a bookbinder who worked with some of the major libraries / archives to do conservation and binding work and later ended up finding a handful of books about on bookbinding.

if you are into a real stitched and bound book. one of the best series of bookmaking books i have come across are keith smith's
he has everything covered from artists books ( conceptual stuff ) to stab, koji and coptic stitched books. there is also a book out there called books boxes and portfolios which i also use since i can't ever remember the right proportions for glues/ pastes &C.


you might consider making some folios/ pamphlets ... they are really easy (needle thread and paper ), and if you can make a mock-up with regular paper to figure out what images you want to have + where, it is pretty easy to make a multi-page, booklet with a bunch of images in it. i have come to the conclusion that art directors love that sort of hand made portfolio / leave behind since they went to art school and love the creative side of things, even though their conservative clients don't ever really let them let their hair down

places like talas in new york and gaylord brothers sell book making materials to the general public. they might not have the books for sale, but they have the supplies