Can only tell you what I do, which is either Rodinal 1+25 or 1+50 for either Plus-X (older version, Kodak priced it to high with the new stuff) or lately with FP4 Plus which I find very nice. I give it the normal agitation for the the first minute, then 4 to 5 inversions each minute there after. I have had no problem with grain and have some 35mm that I have enlarged to 8x10 with not problems, but like any 35 it is noticeable at 11x14 and not pleasant with enlarged to 16x20..but what 35mm is?

It seems you either like the stuff or not. Have to admit I have never tried 'tipping' - Oh, by the way I use a small metal tank and reel, but use 2 reels for 35mm and fill the tank.

Good luck.