I picked up some cheap Cachet Structura Lux that was probably old stock to experiment with a bit. It seems like an interesting material (photo linen that can be mounted on a stretcher and handled like any kind of fabric), but fresh stock is pricy, so I figure this is a way to learn how to handle it. I realize that out of date paper can have some base fog, but I was getting off-the-scale levels of base fog and way-too-short exposure times.

Recommended development time is 3 minutes in a high energy developer and the nominal printing speed is on the fast side, but not out of the ordinary.

I was processing in Agfa Neutol WA (1+7) and after the first couple of test strips added 1 oz/quart of Edwal Liquid Orthazite (i.e., the maximum recommended dosage). 3 minutes was just too foggy, so I eventually cut down to 50 seconds, and still had a kind of light gray background and a generally flat look, and exposure was 15 sec. at f:11, even with such a short development time.

Is this normal for this stuff? Do I just have a lousy batch, or is Neutol WA an inappropriate developer? Other developers I have on hand are Dektol, and I can mix up various amidol developers.