This kind of goes with the other question I posted. I find it interesting the number of ways people meter a scene. There is the BW crowd and the Color crowd.

What method do you get your good exposures, and is it based on some mathematical formula.

I'll start.

BW-reflective meter the darkest portion then the lightest. Place the darkest area without important stuff on ZOne 2 and expose for that. I think I develope for the highlights. In the past this worked well with silver printing on VC paper. I don't do that any more so I don't know how what I am doing will work with the ALT processes I am just starting.

Color. Usually hold the incident meter above my head and expose that way. In difficult situations I spotmeter my bag(black) in even light and drop 2 stops, and cross my fingers. Since I started this I am happy to say I have missed very few exposures. If I use a filter I meter through the filter. LF film is too expensive for me to bracket.