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reub2k, you're a piker. What we need is two forums for Yashica RF cameras, including Nicca, one each for mechanically and electronically timed shutters; for Minolta RF cameras; for Olympus; for Canon, leaf shutter and focal plane shutter; for Konica RF cameras; for Aires; for each of the other Japanese makes of fixed lens RF 35 mm cameras; for Leica thread mount clones, including Nicca; for Afga RF cameras, all formats; for Regula; for Foca; ...

The MF forum should be split by maker and type. Rollei TLRs just don't fit in the same space as Rollei SLRs.

The LF forum should be split by camera type: monorail, tailboard, folding press/technical. And Sean should reach out and engulf www.graflex.org.

We need a meters forum. Split by maker, including GE.


The RF forum split may have seemed like a good idea but I think its dumb.
Good ideas. Maybe just one fixed lens rangefinder forum will do.