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I don't like the idea of dividing by camera make. What was broken in the RF forum that needed fixing?

Well, lessee.

A thread begins, " I wonder what the difference is between and early and late summicron . Innnocent enough.

What follows is usually 14 posts about Leicas being overpriced, 12 about Feds being every bit as good, and 32 about know a guy whose dog ate a Leica strap and died.

When I was a kid, and on a steep learning curve, an old pro showed me three or four little tricks about handling a rangefinder - in about 5 minutes - that made life worth living, and paid off immediately for me.

Try getting into technique without being attacked for owning a rangefinder, a Leica / Contax / Fed instead of a Pentax 6x7.

That sort of thing gets lost in the Leica hate, history trivia, and general whitenoise of impassioned correspondents. Maybe, just maybe, having sub-forums will allow conversations to be a little more to the point, civil, and helpful.

With the result a few more feet of Tri X gets shot from old cameras, new cameras, and our dying craft gets a little more sustenance.

At least the Moderator has some context.