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I don't like the idea of dividing by camera make. What was broken in the RF forum that needed fixing?


I think I understand some of your concern.

I generally support the expansion by camera-type in the RF forum but I'm hoping it doesn't become a mine-is-better-than-yours battleground.

The division does make sense as a means of organizing information relevant to only one particular brand of RF. It hopefully will make it a little quicker and easier to obtain what is rather arcane info of interest to relatively few.

There can never be completely "clean lines" of organizing the sub fora because there are FSU-clones of Leica and Contax. Similarly, the Nikon/Contax and Canon/Leica Screwmount relationships further complicate matters: (e.g. Query: Is a Contax Zeiss Sonnar 50mm/1.5 compatible with a Nikon S2? -- yes/no, but.... Or, what about a Nikkor 3.5cm/2.5 - can I use in on my Kiev 4? ).

I mention this only because I have a Nikon S2 and SP, a Contax IIIa and a Kiev 4. Oh, and yes, two Bessa R2S's!

Overall, I think a division by brand makes the best sense of what is a very complex camera type. If only because there doesn't seem to be any better form of organization of sub-fora that would seem preferable.