Hello Trebor!

Itís a challenge! I must tell you that the size of 6x24 is just giving you much more than anything else. So you got to take yourself to a totally different level how you think and compose your images, itís also very important to find the right environment to use this camera. I have the Tommiyama 6x24 and I have owned this for a while and still learning how to use it! I brought this not for the use of panorama on landscape but going to have it on the streets as a kind of experiment. Read the thread Tomiyama art camera here and than you will learn more! Itís just a pity that not many people owns one so we could really learn each other! There is only one guy Cesar from Brazil owns one so far!

I have two metal plate I can insert inside both corner of the camera and decrease the size to 6x17 but Iím sure I never gonna use it as I figure that I can resize the negs in my darkroom during the printing process! I can always take away things but never add!

I can with hold with JBrunner "It's a love and hate relationship" :-) :-) That is a very well formed sentence with a lot's of feeling when it comes to this type of cameras!

Now the technical side of this is that I have only one lens and that's the Schneider SA with it's 100 or someting degree. Somethimes I feel that the longer lens around 50 up to 60 degree would be nice but it must cover 8x10 and thats not easy to find! You got the older Angulon 165 mm but it's 80 degree and the gap is not that much I wish to have!

The other thing is making the print's! You got to have an 10x10 enlarger! I do only hand made print's nothing else no elektronic stuff here at all! However for on the net a contact copy will do fine and that size you can scan! But there is a little something! I don't like images bigger than your monitor as scrolling the image do not give you an overall view of the image and therefore it's difficult to see what the image is all about!