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It's a format I can do with a half-darkslide mask on 8x10", but as a standalone pano camera, it does sound interesting, since it would be a lot smaller than my 8x10" setup. If you photograph a lot near coastline, long panoramas are attractive on days without good clouds.
Sure David of course you can do that but if you wanna use this size to shuts on the streets and on people than you have a problem! Because it's a wide angle camera don't had to mean that you only use it for a landscape panorama. I intend to use this for people and city scapes all kinds of applications this camera wasn't intend to use! :-) crowded streets full of people! The beaty in this is the camera is so wide that even if people see you takig pictures they don't know what you are taking picture of! Now this could result some nice things happening in the corner of your neg! could be some real funny pics to!