Hi All,

The 'contact seller' link is not 100% reliable. We run into many problems with various email systems thinking apug mail is spam and blocking it. For example several people who use AOL may no longer visit apug yet are still getting email notifications. Rather than unsubscribe to those notifications they mark the mail as "spam". AOL getting several of these then decides to block all mail from apug.org to aol.com. This is just one of many examples (I'm currently trying to get AOL and a few other isp's to release this blocking of us). There are so many different automated 'spam' systems in place at the moment it's a wonder we can email at all. I'll update the classifieds area with a reminder notice for sellers to keep an eye on their comments. You can also try sending a test 'contact seller' to yourself to make sure your isp is allowing mail from us.