Greetings to all...

It's probably time to more formally organize this APUG regional group. Robeert Triffen and I met for a dinner meeting last week and we would like to do more as a group. Although we both shoot Large Format, as other APUGers do, we want to offer a program to all film shooters.

We need to get started so we can have an active Fall. We need ideas for
1. Time and Place for an organizational meeting. I am willing to host one in Frenchtown, NJ if that is convenient for everyone interested. Other ideas will be considered.
2. Fall photo opportunities. We already have a Beacon, NY trip in the idea stage.
3. Winter seminars/workshops for when we cannot get out and photograph. My studio will be available for at least one workshop if we decide to do them.
4. Annual show and dinner - if we want to go this route.

Let me know what you think. NJ/PA/NY APUGers welcome as well as anyone else.