I beleive if you got a lens which cover the format very well or I could say more than well than the fall out not gonna be there at all or not shown that much because the glass in the rear cell in that aria is flat! The fall out is caused by that the lens have a radius and it's mostly more with the rim! It takes longer time for the light to hit the neg.

If the film position would fallow the same radius as the cell than would be no fall off at all! Now I don't know why this new manufacturers like fotoman thought of that and redisign the camera! I mean this is the case with all those rotating lens cameras! isn't that right?

I don't have fall out or it's not reconizable on my negs!
The holding this thing in hand had a it's problems and this is with a shutter cable position if thay have any (I don't know how it's look like on the fotoman)! This makes it difficult as you got to hold the camera stady with both of your hands, but I'm very clouse to the sollution on my Tomiyama! The other problen is the lens shade! With out it you loose contrast on your negative! But how to do a good and fast lens shade to a lens with a 120 degree? If you have the camera on the tripod it's managable with a cardboard but I want to see you how you do in free hand? like operating the shutter holding the cardboard and the top of that you must hold the camera too! Pretty sick business! isnt it? :-):-)